Born Tillamook, Oregon, USA 1997

Lives and works in Eugene, Oregon, USA

At a young age, Julian Harrison Croman learned the importance of storytelling from his grandmother – a retired journalist at the Pacifica Tribune. She influenced Croman during his upbringing to pursue the practice of storytelling through various medias.

Now, Croman strives to understand and develop every aspect of photography through his study and uses this familiar love of storytelling as inspiration.

Croman aims to represent each story and subject authentically. He uses an observation-orientated approach for his work. He believes this approach allows him to ruminate on the true objective without secondary distractions.

He carries an attraction for the film process as a form of documentation. Croman aims to fuse the two often-divided worlds of documentary and fine art photography such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank.

He currently shoots on a Leica M6.